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Custom Rugby Shirts

Rugby shirts are designed to be tough and hard wearing, withstanding the physical contact incumbent in both codes of the game. Whether it's for rugby league or rugby union, both codes of rugby involve a lot of physical contact and grabbing of shirts so any shirt needs to be strong enough to withstand this without tearing, whilst also being comfortable enough for players to wear. 

Whilst rugby shirts used to be baggy and made of cotton, technology has advanced a lot and in the modern game the shirts are often made from polyester and are tight fitting. This tight fit makes tackling more difficult for the opposition as they can't grab onto your shirt when you run past, giving your team an edge if you opt for the fitted shirt over an old school baggier shirt. 

Using our online rugby kit designer, you can fashion the perfect custom rugby shirts for your team, whether you are a school team looking to refresh the standard kit the players wear or if you are a semi-professional club looking for a custom kit.

Our range of custom rugby shirt designs include hoops. quarters and stripes so you can add a new twist on a traditional kit or choose a new style for a new era for the team. 

Once you have chosen the design you want then you just need to add your colour scheme which can be anything you choose from traditional to completely new, using our rugby kit designer. We will print on the team's name and logo to make this rugby kit truly unique to your team and then envy of your competitors.

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