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Hockey Socks

Custom Hockey Socks

Hockey socks need to be sturdy to take all the hits and impacts from sticks during any hockey game.

The players are required to wear shin pads to protect their shins from injury when challenging for the ball or blocking shots, especially in a game played with sticks at ground level. This means that the socks hockey players wear need to be tough enough to withstand this beating game after game without wearing through.

Hockey socks are worn just below the knee, helping to both cover the shinpad and also keep it in place so it doesn't turn around or come out completely during the game.

Hockey socks are available in a whole range of colours to help the players stand out against the background of the crowd and on the wide hockey pitch; they often match the jersey but can also be block colours designed to contrast with the jersey to help make players more visible on the pitch.

We have a range of hockey sock designs available for you to choose from to help you create your perfect hockey kit using our custom kit designer online. Simply choose your style and design then add your colour scheme.

The colours could be block colours for contrast or could match the jersey; whether you have chosen colours that your team has always worn or you are taking the kit in a completely new direction.

We are also able to add the team name or initials onto these custom hockey socks to help make them an even more unique addition to your hockey kit.

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