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Custom Bowls Shirts

Traditionally the bowls shirt has been white or off white, but why not make your team's kit a little more jazzy and bring some colour to the bowling green with customised bowls shirts?

The traditional white outfit is still used in many bowls clubs throughout the country and is the go-to design for many teams, but there is nothing in the rulebooks that prevents teams from wearing brighter colours of kits with different designs or styles. 

Our custom kit designer allows you to create a unique bowls kit for your team that will leave the spectators and opposition in awe when you walk onto the green. Simply choose a design and then add your color scheme using any colours you like - you could choose a traditional colour that your club has been associated with, school colours if it's a school team kit or something completely original. 

It's not all bright colours and jazzy designs though as we have a selection of designs that would bring a more subtle drop of colour to the traditional look. We have designs which could be mainly white with colourful stripes, sleeves or collars to help you create a unique design to your shirt. 

The designs we have for our custom bowls shirts include a polo shirt style design with options for both long and short sleeves to give you some variety. Add your team name and logo to the shirt to make you instantly recognisable on and off the green - we can even add sponsors logos to the shirt if you are a sponsored team.

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