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Items shown with an M symbol below can be manufactured in virtually any colour scheme. Design your dream kit using our online kit designer today or request a call back if you need a totally bespoke design.

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Netball Vests

Custom Netball Vests

Netball vests allow you to have a full range of movement on the netball court, staying cool and not restricting your performance.

Netball vests are designed to be worn with shorts or skorts as part of the team kit and is one of the more popular options of netball kit, along with the netball dress.

Our netball vests are made from polyester which allow the player to remain cool on the court by wicking away moisture and promoting airflow, the sleeveless look and v-cut neckline help to promote this. This is important as netball is played indoors on a  court, the same as basketball, so the temperature can rise quickly when playing.

The sleeveless look ensures that you can move your arms across their full range of movement, important for maneuvering yourself into position to take a shot around the defenders.

Using our custom kit designer online you can create the perfect netball kit including custom netball vests with your own colour scheme and school or club logo. The colours you choose are entirely up to you, whether they're in keeping with traditional school colours or an entirely new look for the team.

We will add on the sponsor's logo and the name of the team including any logos to the kit to make them truly unique, all you have to do is choose from our range of designs then choose the colour scheme.

Our designs include options for block colours and stripes or chevrons on the chest and flanks. These can be in any colour combination to create a custom netball kit that is unique to your team or league.

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3D Kit Designer

Customise the colour of your kit then add logos, numbers, names and initials in few easy steps. Choose your sport or team wear item and start designing your dream kit today.

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