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Goalkeeper Shirts

Custom Goalkeeper Shirts

Goalkeeper shirts are designed to be different from the rest of the team to help the referee and match officials distinguish them from the outfield members of the team.

This is useful in set pieces such as corner kicks or free kicks where there will be a lot of bodies in the box and the game could be frantic, as the referees needs to be certain who the goalkeeper is to see if he is impeded or if he commits a foul.

The different shirt for goalkeepers came about in 1909 when the rules of the game were changed to dictate that goalkeepers must wear shirts - actually woolen garments - that were scarlet and royal blue, but when green was introduced in 1912 it quickly became the kit of choice for many goalkeepers.

Using our online kit designer you can create the perfect custom goalkeeper shirts for your team, whether you want to hark back to the traditional green blue or scarlet of old or go for the more modern option of bright colours like yellow, orange and pink.

The process is simple - just choose the design you would like and create your own colour scheme. It could be relevant to the team such as team colours or traditional colors the club plays in, or you could take the kit in a different direction.

We will add the club or school name and logo onto the custom goalkeepers shirts to identify them as part of the team, helping them to be recognised by match officials, players and supporters alike.

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