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Match Footballs

Custom Match Footballs

Match footballs are subject to strict regulations by the authorities on their size, designs and even pressure. This is all to ensure a fair competition is had by all teams playing in a league, and strict penalties can be imposed on any tea, who fails to meet these requirements.

One such rule is that all match balls must have a circumference of between 70cm and 68cm, another is that they must be between 0.601.1 atmospheres of pressure which does leave some room for teams to play with balls that are less bouncy, which may suit a certain style of play. These are similar to pitch regulations where there are limits, but room to manoeuvre between them.

Other rules are less strict, like the rule that states the ball must be spherical and made of a suitable material. These may seem like common sense, but as with any sporting code these things still need to be stated.

Many leagues or competitions will release a specific ball that is to be used in all games within that competition, such as at international tournaments or at the highest level. We supply match footballs to semi-professional and amateur leagues that require the club logo to be printed on the ball for all games.

Our custom match balls at Zapkam allow for you to add some originality to the balls without breaking any of the rules. You can choose your preferred design and size to suit your team from a range of styles, with bulk order options to ensure that all the balls are uniform and that you don't run the risk of falling foul of the rules.

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