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Items shown with an M symbol below can be manufactured in virtually any colour scheme. Design your dream kit using our online kit designer today or request a call back if you need a totally bespoke design.

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Basketball Kit

Custom Basketball Kit

Custom basketball kits are perfect for appearing professional both on and off the court, allowing you to create a unique appearance for your school or club whether you're at a tournament on just in training.

Basketball kit is traditionally a sleeveless vest with knee length shorts as this promotes sweat loss and helps to keep the body cool by allowing more surface area of the skin to be exposed to air flow. This is handy given the indoor nature of basketball as a sport as it is usually high intensity for short periods of time.

Our custom basketball kit doesn't just provide you with vests and shorts though, we provide your team or school with all the sportswear they will need to represent themselves and be ambassadors for their team at all levels of competition around the country. We provide tracksuits, hoodies and jackets to travel to and from games in as well as kit bags to help keep all of the team kit in one place.

Use our unique kit builder to create your ideal kit online, choosing from a range of styles and colours to make your team kit as bold or as subtle as you would like. You can add your sponsors logos to the kit also to keep them happy, along with the names and logos of teams or schools to show where you come from.

Our custom kit never goes out of date as we make everything to order, so you can keep getting orders of the same kit every year whether you're changing sponsor or club name.

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