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Hybrid Cut

Hybrid Cut Goalkeeper Gloves

A goalkeeper's gloves are the most important tool in his arsenal. Without them the job of preventing goals is made incredibly difficult as they would be limited to just their hands to stop powerful shots with.

Many goalkeepers find a brand and cut of glove that they feel performs best for them and they use the same brand and style for their entire careers, rarely straying from what they know.

Hybrid cut goalkeeper gloves have increased in popularity over the recent years and come in many different forms, usually a combination of other cuts to create the best of both worlds. Because of this they are now one of the most popular choices of cut with the newer generation of goalkeepers.

The term hybrid cut isn't by any means fixed and there are a whole range of hybrid cut goalkeeper gloves on the market, including ones that combine a flat palm with negative stitching, or roll fingers combined with a flat cut to create a wider glove.

These hybrid cuts often have names that are given to them by the brand to make them unique, but can be recognised to the trained eye by their appearance and stitching pattern, which is a giveaway of the cut style.

Our range of hybrid cut goalkeeper gloves contains something for every goalkeeper, whether you want a modern cut that takes advantage of interior stitching to promote comfort or if you want to go for a glove with more surface area like our roll finger styles.

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